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Hello 🙂
This isn’t a post that I thought I’d need to write, but the shared frustration is getting to me now.
Postage is killing me- this month has seen a huge increase in parcel delays in the RM system- I’ve currently got nine claims in, and four more to start, with a further eight parcels that have arrived damaged (I know this is more than likely machines)…that’s far too many, and I’m truly gutted! It’s also a lot more admin work on my side and it’s exhausting
Please note: a parcel is only classed as missing, once 10 working days has passed. This is when I’m able to do any chasing/putting in claims etc. i am unable to do anything until then 😞
I truly believe RM are doing the best they can, I do know the struggles and I’m aware that shopping habits have changed, our posties and RM staff are working hard, parcel volume has increased a huge amount over the last year - I know that, I appreciate them. Its just heartbreaking to receive emails/messages to say orders haven’t arrived- some are lovely, some not so much. Please remember I am also a person and every single order that comes through, is amazing! I work hard to get them out as fast as possible, neatly folded, packed securely and sent on their way. I’m aware that I occasionally make mistakes,and I’m sorry if this causes delay or disappointment.
Those that have had missing parcels, delayed parcels that are currently in the system- please know that I am doing everything I can to get them sorted. Replacements for those outside 10 working days will be sent where possible, some already have been. I know this may have caused delays in your fabulous small businesses too, I know it makes things tricky. But please know I’m doing all I can within my ability to rectify it.
Royal Mail Tracked 48- The majority of RM parcels have been sent tracked 48. However, it’s frustrating to say that a small percentage of tracked parcels are not being scanned until 2-3 days after I’ve sent them! (With some not scanning at all!)
I don’t know if the postal situation is likely to improve as we approach Christmas, and don’t expect my valued customers to receive a substandard service, therefore the decision has been made to send all packages over 500g via DPD at a flat rate of £5 per package.
(Effective from 1st November 2021)
So let’s remain positive, and I’ll continue working hard to ensure things are running smoothly, and you get your pretty goodies!
If you’ve got this far, Thank you for reading!
On a final note, I appreciate every single order, the interactions we all have and the amazing sewing creations popping up, so keep them coming 🙂
🐝 🐝 🐝

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